NeCS project to fill the gap between cybersecurity industry and academic environment

NeCS (European Network of Cyber Security) is a European initiative funded by the European Commission under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme of the Horizon 2020 framework program (H2020 - ICT - 2014) that aims to contribute to reduce the gap between academic research and job market helping selected researchers with a remarkable background in cybersecurity to access to career opportunities that fit with their profiles in the IT industry. NeCS has a major goal to create an European Network for Cybersecurity (NeCS), formed in response to the increased needof highly qualified experts able to cope with all the aspects of the European cybersecurity strategy that is currently under implementation.

However, job placement for these researchers is just the beginning of the story; the NeCS network goes well beyond this by developing an effective research training infrastructure that is an asset at the European level of its own.

NeCS aims to impact european cybersecurity sector at several levels, creating a new wave of experts in cyber-security research. In the meantime, the research activities performed will produce several direct and indirect results, contributing to create and disseminate new knowledge and expertise in several disciplines and boost new technology development.

More details in the official press release of the launch of the project.