Oleksii Osliak

Dynamic threat assessment & prediction
Research work: 

Dynamic threat assessment is a methodology which applies dynamic attributes for analysing threats and triggers necessary actions to eliminate it.
During my research I continue to study Cyber Threat Information, Cyber threat intelligence and information sharing among different organizations. Cyber threat information sharing among different organisations can improve cyber situation awareness of these organisations.
Cyber threat information is any information that can help an organization to protect itself against a threat or detect the activities of illegal access. It consists at least of four main components such as: Indicators of compromise; Tactics, techniques and procedures; Suggested actions; Finding.
Cyber threat intelligence is organized, analysed and refined information about potential or current attacks that that may attack an organization. The main purpose of threat intelligence is helping organizations understand the risks of the most common and severe external threats, such as advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-day threats and exploits.