British Telecommunications Public Limited Company

Short Name: 
United Kingdom
Principal Investigator: 
Mark Shackleton


IoT Security, Privacy, and Malware Prevention and Detection
Research Work

To develop new solutions to improve security in IoT devices and networks. To unfold new ways to improve privacy in IoT environments. To develop techniques that improve the prevention and detection of malware infection in IoT networks.

Cyber Security Operations management systems and services and EU policy compliance
Research Work

My research topic, as ESR9, includes research and training in the design, development, and operations of cyber-security management platforms and their compliance to EU policies associated with the European Cyber-security directive.
Focus will be on developing cyber security operations centre functions for applications, systems, and data hosted in 3rd party private and/or public cloud environment.
It integrates innovation on threat detection, threat assessment, risk-based decision making, incident remediation planning and response coordination.
My work will also focus on social-technical research in cyber-security, including analysis of trust, reputation and influence in social networks and methods to protect against social engineering attacks.
The main work package I work on is ‘Work Package 3’ (leader: BT) and my main task aims to defines a reference model for cyber-security management of Enterprise and Telecom systems and an associated cyber-defence managed service that utilizes innovations from emerging technologies in network and IT system security monitoring and enforcement, security information collection, security risk analysis, mitigation planning, counter-measure impact analysis, response coordination and enforcement.
Demonstration of tools and methods to improve multi-stage attack, detection, analysis, remediation impact assessment.