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HP is the largest ICT technology Company worldwide. HP is committed to realize innovative technologies and services, to help consumers, companies and public authorities to cope with daily challenges and issues, thus contributing to achieve their goals and expectations.

HP’s offering spans from printing e digital entertainment solutions, through personal computing, software, services (including Education) and ICT infrastructure. Founded in 1939 in Palo Alto, California, where its headquarters are, HP employs about 324.000 professionals, working in more than 170 countries, across six continents. HP was n.10 in the 2010 Fortune ranking.

Revenues for the Company were $126 billion (US $) for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2010.
HP has been operating in Europe since 1959, with the opening of its first manufacturing facility outside Palo Alto, California, at Böblingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. From the outset, HP has been a stakeholder in Europe. The company has deliberately sought to grow, not only by relying on its marketing, but by actively investing in European manufacturing and R&D operations.

HP operates in Italy since January 1964 and operates in Educational service since more than 35 years.