Objective 1

Training on the research activities related to cyber-security, allowing the researchers to perform applied/inter/multidisciplinary research and provide new knowledge and technologies. Each ESR will have a dedicated research project that contributes to the objectives of NECS technical workpackages (WPs 3, 4, 5).

Objective 2

Dissemination and communication activities. The capability of the ESRs to disseminate their research findings to the scientific community and to communicate to the general audience is very relevant.

Objective 3

Project management. The ESR will receive training on how to manage R&D projects, from conception to delivery and validation as well as on exploitation of results.

Objective 4

Improvement of personal skills and entrepreneurial capability. Through a combination of research, taught courses offered by NECS, industry seminars and industry secondments, the ESRs will increase develop their soft skills and will be exposed to the process of managing supplier and vendor relationships, creating business cases about new innovative solutions, products, and services.