Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is recognized as national and international benchmark in postal, courier, logistics, finance, insurance and, most recently, the mobile phone market segments.
Poste Italiane's mission is to become a company which provide value-added services, making the most of its key assets; one of the most relevant, the widespread presence throughout the territory, meets the specific needs of the country as a whole, leveraging a wide and integrated range of services based on their skills as postal logistics, financial and business process management outsourcing. Fundamental tool for achieving these objectives is the use of secure information and telecommunications technologies (ICT) aimed at setting up the "network company" among the most advanced, complete and capillaries of the country.
The profound process of renewal undergone by Poste Italiane in the last decade has allowed the company to improve the quality and extend the range of services offered. During this accelerated process of development, Poste Italiane has remained committed to the principles of its corporate mission, expressed through its widespread presence throughout Italy – with 14,000 post offices and a staff of more than 150,000 employees – and to its traditional mission of responding to the needs of its customers, be they ordinary citizens, businesses, or public administration offices.
The possibility to provide diverse services through a whole plethora of innovative channels has been driving Poste Italiane for years to strongly focus on cyber-security aspects, with the twofold aim of improving its resilience against an ever changing scenario of threats and, at the same time, of exploring new possibilities of further development of its business.
Initiatives in the field have been designed accordingly and range today over the whole spectrum of operational activities, such as prevention, monitoring, detection, investigation and reaction, in parallel to analysis, research lab and international cooperation.