Trust, Security & Privacy Management

The University of Kent provided 4 hours of lectures and a workshop, all on the topic of Privacy.

28 Feb 14:00 Introduction to privacy
15:00 Practical privacy
1 Mar 10:00 A taxonomy of personal data to frame many issues & debates
11:00 Introduction to data protection
(12:00 lunch break)
13:00-17:00 Workshop on Privacy, including short presentations:
- big open etc etc data: data ethics, privacy, and data politics
- the impact of GDPR on research (PW)
- privacy and biometrics (FD)
Presentations and lectures by Eerke Boiten unless otherwise indicated:
PW Dr Pamela White, FD Dr Farzin Deravi.

28/Feb/2017 to 01/Mar/2017
University of Kent (UK)
Event Presenter: 
Eerke Boiten
Event organizator: 
Eerke Boiten (University of Kent)