NeCS project organises a number of courses for the NeCS students. Some of the courses (such as research management or entrepreneurship) are generic while others (e.g., trust, security and privacy management) are specific to cyber-security, the core topic of the project. Courses are conducted on-site and/or on-line, depending on the course provider restrictions. Although, the courses are provided to NeCS students, attendance of some of them are open to researchers outside of the NeCS project (please, check the conditions for the announced courses).

Training Course in PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND IPR (on site)

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The course aims at providing participants with a complete set of tools to properly managing complex international projects, with particular reference to the research fields.
A first part of the project will be dedicated to project management techniques and procedures to be implemented for a smooth running of projects. A second part will be dedicated to financial reporting rules on eligibility of expenditures, mainly in relation to the EU Horizon 2020 Programme. Finally, the last part will focus on IPR discipline and knowledge transfer in the frame of funded projects.

Security on Information Systems

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Monday 22nd of May:
09:30-11:30 "Evolving Privacy: From Sensors to the Internet of Things”, Ruben Rios

11:30-13:30 "Digital Witness: Safeguarding Digital Evidence by using Secure Architectures in Personal Devices”, Ana Nieto

15:00-17:00 "Security at the Edge: Fog Computing, Multi-Access Edge Computing, et al.”, Rodrigo Roman

17:00- 19:00 "Trust@Run.time: Building Trust and Reputation In”, Carmen Fernandez-Gago

Research Funding, Intellectual Property and Start up Creation

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Crash Course on Research Funding, Intellectual Property and Start up Creation, from 21 March to 31 May 2017 at Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico Fabio Ferrari, Via Sommarive, Povo (TN) - Italy

The Crash Course is organized in 3 modules on research and technology transfer:
Module 1: Research Funding and Management
Module 2: Intellectual Property Protection and Valorization
Module 3: Start up Creation and entrepreneurship

Cyber Forensics

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Just like the evil market of Cybercrime, Digital Forensic is a fast-growing field with a significant demand both for skilled professionals and smart researchers.
Whether we consider “traditional” crime or information security breaches, stalking or cyber attacks, we note that culprits leave behind a huge amount of digital traces, frequently much more digital than physical traces. Following those traces and turning them into court evidence is the business of digital investigators and forensic scientists.